Good People Are Hard To Find. NOT!


Thinking, that it’s hard to find the right people for your business, IS the problem!  

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Just For Builders – Common Problems & What To Do About It!


Here’s what other builders, Just like you, talking about common problems builders have & what they’ve done  

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Forget About Marketing. Think “Attract”


Traditional Marketing methods just don’t cut it anymore. You might as well flush your money down the toilet!  

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Trust Me… You Don’t Want Satisfied Customers!


Most builders set the bar to “Satisfy” their customers. If you want to build a better business, separate yourself from the crowd, get great testimonials & more quality referrals you MUST set the bar higher! Watch this video for some tips on HOW!  

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To Niche or Not To Niche… That Is The Question!


Unfortunately builders think they can’t niche their business because they will get less business. The facts are, if you niche properly (A well researched narrow niche) you will get better quality & more profitable projects and more than if you remain a generalist!  

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It’s NEVER About Price!


One of the biggest mistakes builders make is operating their business as if everyone buys on price, and it’s just not the case!  

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Don’t Need Clones – Just Let Go!


You built the business from scratch, It stands to reason you don’t want to let go. But you should!  

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Can You See Your Goals?


It’s Funny that Builders have to be great at planning, Prioritising and figuring out what has to happen first and what’s next. These are basic goal setting skills. Yet, these goal setting skills are never focused on building their own business!  

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No More Cash Flow Stress!

Profit first

The most common complaint from builders is the constant struggle with cash-flow.  

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Is There Really Just One Thing?

One Thing

There is just one thing either in your business, your goals or you day that can make everything else easier! CLICK HERE To Watch the Video About

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