Can You See Your Goals?


It’s Funny that Builders have to be great at planning, Prioritising and figuring out what has to happen first and what’s next. These are basic goal setting skills. Yet, these goal setting skills are never focused on building their own business!  

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No More Cash Flow Stress!

Profit first

The most common complaint from builders is the constant struggle with cash-flow.  

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Is There Really Just One Thing?

One Thing

There is just one thing either in your business, your goals or you day that can make everything else easier! CLICK HERE To Watch the Video About

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A Very Cool Tool!


“The one thing that will determine your businesses success”  

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Sharpen Your Saw!

Sharpen the saw

We are funny cattle! We know we need to keep out tools of trade sharp and in good shape because it makes the job better and faster. How come you don’t apply the same effort to the building of your business?

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Motivation! Is It All It’s Cracked Up To Be?


How much do you know about motivation? Do you have it? or do you need it? Is it always a good thing? This week I speak to Master motivator and global guru Professor Mark Moorehouse (Aka Leigh Farnell)

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ROI ROO And Other TLA’s (Three Letter Acronyms)

Video thumbnail for wistia video ROI ROO And Other TLA's (Three Letter Acronyms) -

ROI (Return on investment) is a critical measurement for every part of your business, in particular your marketing strategy. But there are other key measures as well such as ROO or return on objective, because sometimes it’s about action, movement and change with your prospects on the way to making a sale. I Speak with…

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TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More!

Video thumbnail for wistia video T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More! -

Focusing on building a sense of team is a much simpler, easier way to build your business. It’s an easier way to increase productivity and profits, reduce your workload and have things still get done. Unfortunately, there is common mindset and approach the majority of small business owners subscribe to that make everything just mentioned almost impossible. Strap yourself in for…

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Words That Lose Sales And Future Business

Video thumbnail for wistia video Words That Lose Sales And Future Business

There are words that help the sales process and words that hinder, and then then there is language that is just plain offensive and can not only lose current business but future business! How do you make sure this isn’t happening in your business? Are you the cause! This week I talk to Derek Austin…

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The Most Important Area of Small Business? Is There Just One? Yes… Marketing!


Do you know which is the most important area of a small business. The main areas are Sales, Marketing, People Management, Financial Management and Procedures and systems. Which one has the most effect on your business? On This show I speak with the king of content marketing Joe Pulizzi So there’s sales, marketing there’s people management, financial…

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